How Group Members Shop For
Home & Auto Insurance

We know that being a Member should mean more than just a discount.

It should mean working with a local, experienced broker to find the right insurance products to fit your needs and lifestyle. It should mean 24 hour claims assistance with reliable contractors to provide priority service should a claim happen. It should mean savings on home and auto insurance coverage by leveraging the buying power of a large group, and so much more!

Membership Benefits
Group Discounts

Offered through some of Canada’s leading insurance companies

Combined Home & Auto Discounts

Increase your savings by insuring both your home and auto with us

Lifestyle & Leisure Coverage

For all the ways you ‘kick back’ and have fun, such as cottages, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, and trailers to name a few

Accident Forgiveness Coverage

Coverage that protects your good driving record so you won’t be penalized for your first at-fault accident

Group Membership Advantage

You may also qualify for further discounts based on you and your experience, including your driving habits, being claims free, mortgage free, and your age or if you’re a good student. Contact a broker below to find out more.

Additional Discounts

For all the ways you ‘kick back’ and have fun, such as cottages, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, and trailers to name a few

Group Insurance Advantage

We offer savings and benefits to members of participating businesses,
associations and unions.

Find out if a group you are a member of qualifies,

Check Eligibility
Check Eligibility

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